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Discover the wide range of our Home Deco assortment and get inspired! On this website you will find instructional videos, different kinds of techniques en frequently asked questions. Get started with Home Deco chalk paint and redecorate your furniture. Or create your own textile paint in any colour you like with Home Deco chalk paint and Textile mix!
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Techniques and instructions

Here you'll find videos and PDF files showing techniques and instructions.
Sanding technique (Video)
Dry brush technique (Video)
Painting and sanding finish
Dry brush finish
Sponge technique
Instruction Textile Mix (PDF)
Instructie Textile Mix (Video)
Mixing colors


Safety and durability are the focus of our vision of the future. And that calls for safe but also responsible products.

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Frequently asked questions

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x Answer #1: The Home Deco paint is reasonably waterproof after drying for at least 3 days at 20 degrees.
x Answer #2: Thoroughly wet the paint stain, possibly leaving it to soak overnight. Rub the stain with soft soap or green soap and leave to work for a while. Now carefully brush out the stain using water, and repeat the process if necessary. Start by testing whether the fabric is suitable for this treatment!
When removing stains from clothing, it is important to follow the advice below:
If the paint is already dry, scratch off as much as possible with your nail. Then rinse the stain under cold running water. If the paint stain is still wet, rinse immediately with cold water.

Now rub it with:
1. Liquid soap or
2. Soft soap or
3. Stain remover or Oxi Action product
4. Colourless and non-perfumed baby shampoo or
5. If the piece of clothing is suitable, use Bio-Tex.

Leave to soak well and then rinse with cold water. Repeat the process if necessary to remove the stain.
Once the stain has gone, wash in the machine at maximum 40 degrees. We suggest dressing children in old clothes before they start painting.
x Answer #3: We guarantee the paint keeps for 2 years after production.
x Answer #4: Yes it is. While the paint is waterproof, we suggest adding a coat of matt varnish for optimum results, such as Home Deco Ultra Matt Varnish.
x Answer #5: The Home Deco paint is also suitable for use on glass surfaces, but only for decorative purposes. Any painted objects are not dishwasher proof, because the paint is water based.
x Answer #6: When freshly painted, the paint layer is glossy. Once it becomes matt, this is a sign that the drying process has begun and most of the water has already evaporated. A second layer can be applied after approximately 2 hours. The paint layer is at full strength after approximately 3 days at 20 degrees Celsius (at which point it becomes waterproof).
x Answer #7: Some pieces of furniture may have been treated with wax, on which Home Deco can be used reasonably effectively but without optimum adhesion. The waxy layer should preferably be completely removed beforehand. The wax can be easily removed using a mixture of green soap, methylated spirits and water, with a sponge scourer or stainless steel scourer. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and leave to dry well. The furniture can now be painted using Home Deco Hobby Paint.
x Answer #8: The surface to which Home Deco is to be applied must be dust-free and grease-free. While sanding is not essential, it can result in better adhesion of the paint. If you decide to sand the surface beforehand, proceed as follows: Sand it using sandpaper grade P 180 (medium coarse) to P 400 (fine). After sanding, don't forget to wipe the surface with a damp cloth to remove any dust, and leave to dry well.
x Answer #9: The clay is not flammable but will become blackened in contact with fire. We therefore recommend that any work pieces be made at least 5 to 7 cm high and of an open style, with sufficient ventilation, if tea lights or similar are to be used.

Do NOT use varnish on these work pieces, as this is indeed flammable.
x Answer #10:
  • 1 cm hardens in 24 hours
  • 5 cm hardens in 3 to 4 days.
We suggest you place the object in a well ventilated area, on an absorbent surface in order that the moisture can evaporate more effectively. You can also fire it in a kiln or oven at 50 to 60 degrees for a couple of hours.
x Answer #11: Theoretically, the modelling clay has an unlimited life after drying, at least in dry conditions. In wet conditions, the dry product will absorb moisture and can possibly become soft again. This clay is therefore not suitable for use in terrariums and/or aquariums.
x Answer #12: If the surface treated with Home Deco Decorative Hobby Paint is to be used intensively, for example a tray or tabletop on which coffee or teacups will be placed, it is indeed sensible to seal the surface using our Home Deco Varnish Ultra Matt. For optimum outdoor protection, apply 2 to 3 thin layers (allowing each layer to dry thoroughly).
x Answer #13: Varnishing is simple using the Home Deco Varnish. Use a soft flat brush, which must of course be very clean! Varnish the painted surface with one or two layers. A third layer of varnish can be used to give an even smoother surface, this should be done after 2 to 4 hours, once the varnish layer feels completely dry. Leave to dry well; 1 to 2 days at 20 degrees.

If you have any doubt, first test a small patch!
x Answer #14: No, our products do not contain any of these products.
x Answer #15: The Home Deco colour series is based on acrylates and fillers. The paint also contains a number of additives such as pigments, dispersion agents and preservatives. None of these ingredients are derived from animals.
x Answer #16: Without the use of preservatives, water-based products would be a breeding ground for micro-organisms which might affect the product or be harmful to your health. Water-based artistic materials therefore contain biocides as a preservative, including (but not limited to) chemicals known as isothiazolinones. Biocides can cause an allergic skin reaction in people who are sensitive to them. If you are aware of such an allergy, please use these products with great care and take protective measures when handling water-based artistic materials or other products. Our Home Deco paints contain chloromethylisothiazolinone / methylisothiazolinone/ benzisothiazolinone which may cause an allergic reaction.
x Answer #17: Our laboratory staff are constantly developing new and inspiring products. Safety is paramount of course. The safety requirements are contained in European legislation and directives such as REACH (1907/2006). All Home Deco products naturally comply with the international legislation and requirements in terms of safety and quality.
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x Answer #18: All safety data sheets are directly available. They provide essential information on chemical substances, described with regard to: properties, processing and handling, transport and storage. Contact us via the contact form below if you'd like us to send you these safety data sheets.
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